YGrene Financing for lighting projects


There is a new, innovative way to finance upgrades to your home that fall under the category of energy efficiency... it includes things like a new roof, impact glass doors and windows, led lights, solar energy, energy efficient appliances including air conditioning systems... there is a long list of things that are included. The program is called Y Grene... it's actually quiet clever it's energy spelled backwards. 

Let me explain a little bit about how it works... the amount is financed through your property tax bill. It's actually an ad valorem line item and is paid once a year along with your taxes. The amount is financed for 10 or 20 years, there is interest and there is a pre-payment penalty if you decide to pay it off. Because the amount is attached to your property and not your personal credit, there is some criteria ... there has to be a certain amount of equity in the property and the if it's not a brand new purchase the mortgage and taxes have to be up to date. You'll select a vetted contractor who will help you through the application process which is very simple and in most cases you'll know right away how much you qualify for. This can really facilitate an option that just wasn't available before.

Y Grene has a nation wide fund with a proven track record. They have already been approved in many municipalities here in South Florida. Visit their website YGrene.us for more details.

Call us direct to qualify your property for some energy efficient upgrades!!!

Carlos Prío
Carlos Prío


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