LED PROJECT- Parque Metropolitano en Santiago, Chile

PROJECT- Parque Metropolitano en Santiago, Chile

In September of 2012, we participated in a public bid to retrofit HPS streetlights in Santiago's National Park- Parque Metropolitano. The facility spanning 722 hectares, including a zoo, forests, and unique species of plant and animal life, has the goal of increasing awareness and promoting environmental consciousness. After delivering several samples for testing, we submitted a comprehensive bid package and ultimately were selected to provide and install phase 1 of the park's retrofit project. A significant quantity of our Standard 90 watt LED Streetlights were installed in January of 2013 with incredible success. With the assistance of our in country partner, the project went like clockwork!!! From point A to point B to point C, every aspect of the contract was executed with flawless precision. 


early morning start


removing the old High Pressure Sodium head


installing enlogik™ 90 watt LED Streetlight


completing install with bolt 
tightening procedure and final testing


Crew worked for several days around the clock to meet deadlines


2am install


Months later, I had the pleasure of personally visiting the project site, where I was able to interview the park's director as well as several rangers who work at the park. The reports were unanimous!!! Today, because of the confidence and security our lights instilled in the visitors of the park, the people do not disappear with the setting of the sun. In fact, walkers, joggers, skaters and cyclists continue their activities well into the evening. It has been transformed from a dark, and HPS/HPL lit facility, into a bright and super-efficient LED project which has become the flagship for El Ministro de Vivienda y Urbanismo.


late afternoon shot of the new enlogik™ Streetlight


same location shortly after sunset


8pm- cyclist are enjoying the new level of illumination and security


A favorite run amongst downhill longboarders now looks like daylight


10pm- cyclist's approval as he rides under the 30w Solar Streetlights


We are proud and honored to have participated in this project and look forward to helping the government of Chile achieve the rest of its environmental goals.




Carlos Prio
Carlos Prio


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