EMS- Street Light Module

Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform

Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform is the most advanced smart network infrastructure designed to be the worldwide foundation of the smart grid network, enabling a suite of applications and services for managing energy efficiency on any smart device and on any network infrastructure integrated in the Enlogik ecosystem.

Being part of the Enlogik ecosystem means to be open to the industry standards, taking advantage of innovation by industry leaders committed for more than 10 years in delivering a standard-based smart grid platform. 

Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform have extended the smart grid network to become the only smart grid network foundation able to deliver multiple services. Through our open API we can easily integrate a diversity of applications and services from third party services provider, ensuring full interoperability within the Enlogik ecosystem.



Enlogik Ecosystem Overview


Through our open platform architecture we can integrate with sophisticated third party applications from industry leaders, such as Google maps, providing highly intuitive user interface for advanced monitoring and controlling system.

Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform is more than a network infrastructure; it is an invaluable asset to build the next generation of applications and services in an energy intelligence world.


Enlogik Smart LED Street Light Network

Enlogik Smart LED Streetlightis one of the modules integrated in Enlogik Services Management suite of applications. The module has been designed to deliver the most advanced system to monitor and control a network of smart LED Streetlight.


Key features in the module include: 

  • Advanced Lighting Monitoring 
  • Advanced Lighting Controlling;
  • Fault Monitoring and Alarm Call Service;
  • Power Monitoring 
  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Network Monitoring;
  • Report generation.


Through the integration with Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform we can deliver value-added applications and services from other modules supported in the ecosystem.  Enlogik Smart LED Streetlight Network can easily scale to become a network backbone for multi services purpose, offering with the same infrastructure new services like smart parking and smart security.



Street Light System Network Overview

enlogik_ Street Light EMS


Enlogik Smart LED Streetlight backboneis based on a point to multipoint RF mesh network where each LED Streetlight is composed of an Enlogik embedded controller providing intelligence to the LED Streetlight; the mesh network is connected to the Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform through the most versatile backbone network configuration, from a simple device gateway to a multiservice gateway. The gateway can be connected to the broadband on either wired or wireless such as: GPRS/GSM, WiFi, Fiber Optics or Ethernet.
Enlogik embedded controller supported by the Smart LED Streetlight allows full interoperability with other devices integrated in Enlogik ecosystem, such as smart meter for advanced features like power monitoring and energy efficiency management. 

Other key advantages of the Enlogik embedded controller include:

  • Enabling Simple, Interoperable Wireless Streetlight Control:supports WiFi, ZigBee and GPRS/GSM technologies. These connectivity capabilities allow converting any Smart LED Streetlight in a wireless gateway, providing full integration to Enlogik Platform.
  • Simple device commissioning: highly intuitive, adding a new Smart LED Streetlight to the network as simple as pushing a button, the system will recognize it automatically and will start to control it remotely.
  • Cost-effective: convenient wireless control solution, expandable incrementally and supported by wide range of global LED vendors.
  • Simple and intuitive installation: if you can install a conventional lamp, then you can install the smart LED Streetlight with Enlogik embedded controller. There are no extra tools, no wires and no specialist knowledge.
  • Larger Networks: scaling to potentially thousands of LED Streetlight in a single network is enabled by Stochastic Addressing, Many-to-One/Source Routing and Asymmetric Link Handling; there is almost an unlimited scope to extend the solution to incorporate a large number of lights into a single integrated system. 
  • More Resilient Networks:are ensured by ZigBee PRO’s Frequency Agility features that allow the entire network to change channels in the face of interference.
Enlogik Platform Deployment
At the core of the system, Enlogik Smart Energy and Services Platform is deployed as an integrated cloud-based solution. Customers can start deploying Enlogik platform with a single module configuration like Smart LED Streetlight Network and then scale to an enterprise configuration like Enlogik Energy Management and Enlogik Service Management.