Solar Home Lighting System 1


Designed and engineered from the ground up for super efficient energy management and extended battery performance, the enlogik™ SOLAR HOME SYSTEM is a high efficiency home lighting system that is entirely powered by the sun. We built this premium "commercial quality" home lighting system with rural communities as our primary application but can also be used on construction, exploration or mining job sites. The SOLAR HOME SYSTEM range features the latest generation super efficient solar panel technology, intelligent battery charging and power management system, and a lithium-ion battery that guarantees an extended life for years of trouble free operation. Our system includes 2- indoor/outdoor 12VDC LED light fixtures which can be easily suspended from a ceiling, portable shelter with included accessories and a USB charging port to easily keep cell phones or computing devices fully charged.



• Affordable Off Grid functionality is ideal for rural communities that are dependent on fuel or candles

• 1 super effcient LED light fixtures with 1- USB charging ports for cell phone and smart device charging

On/Off switch with photocell activation and 40%/100% power settings

• Extended life span further reduces expenses on maintenance and bulb replacements

• Superior energy management w/Lithium FE battery technology allows over 2500 cycles

• Industry leading quality control, testing and warranty ensures high client confidence and project success 

• Superior “Return On Investment”  allows easy bid process, financing and third party investment




Temp- 5000K

Lumens- 150lm 

CRI- Ra>80

Voltage- 6V DC

Panel Power- 6w 6vdc

Dim-  L196 x W352 x H20mm

Battery-  Fe-Si 6AH*6V


Cont. Time- 7 hrs (18hrs @ 40%)

Charge Time- 5.5hrs

Weight-  1.5kg


IES Files available at- http://www.enlogik.com/downloads

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