ANNOUNCEMENT- Industrial LED Lighting for Mining and Petroleum

We are pleased to announce our "Industrial Desk" where we will offer off-the-shelf and custom designed industrial LED light solutions specifically designed and certified for various applications including mining and petroleum. Our recent success in the petro/mining industries in Peru and Venezuela has allowed us to expand our offerings into the following industries with a comprehensive line of Heavy Duty and Non Explosive luminaries which can also feature environmental coatings to prevent premature oxidization when exposed to gases or harsh desert and marine environments.

• Mining Illumination (Heavy Duty and Non-Explosive)
• Petroleum (Heavy Duty and Non-Explosive)
• Off Shore Platform Lighting (Heavy Duty and Non-Explosive)
• Ethanol/Biofuel Production

• Grain Processing/Storage

• Marine Facilities

• Concrete/Cement Plants

• Vehicle/Aircraft Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical Plants

Over the next couple of months you will see our catalog expand to include these very exciting products.

Carlos Prio
Carlos Prio


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