Alleviating "Energy Poverty" in Central and South America!

August 08, 2013 2 min read

enlogik™ is proactively distributing Solar Energy Systems in Latin America

As we continue to succeed in the Caribbean, Central and South America with our streetlight products, we have pledged to give back to the communities we serve by donating portable and fixed mount Solar energy and lighting systems with enlogik LED and Lithium battery technology. Our goal is to bring basic energy and lighting to rural individuals and communities who do not have traditional grid-tie energy. Unlike other programs, enlogik will personally distribute and install systems several times throughout the year(s) in order to account for every dollar and system donated.

In September, we will be making a public announcement in collaboration with, HumanNRG, and Luz Para Todos.

If you would like more information on this effort and would like to become involved please email us at-

enlogik™ Solar Home lighting System-3


No electricity for one fifth of world’s population

According to IEA analysis, there are currently 1.4 billion people – over 20% of the world’s population – who lack access to electricity. Five hundred and eighty-five million are based in Sub-Saharan Africa, including over 76 million in Nigeria and 69 million in Ethiopia. Most of the remaining people live in Asia, including 400 million in India, 96 million in Bangladesh and over 30 million in the Caribbean, Central and South America.



Electricity access in 2012 - Latin America

Region Population w/o electricity 
Argentina 1.1
Bolivia 2.0
Brazil 3
Chile 0.1
Colombia 1.2
Costa Rica 0.0
Cuba 0.3
Dominican Republic 0.3
Ecuador 1.1
El Salvador 0.5
Guatemala 3
Haiti 8
Honduras 1.5
Jamaica 0.2
Netherlands Antilles 0.0
Nicaragua 1.6
Panama 0.4
Paraguay 0.2
Peru 4
Trinidad and Tobago 0.0
Uruguay 0.0
Venezuela 0.1
Other Latin America 1

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